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Practice Tips

  • PRACTICE EVERYDAY! It is better to play a little bit every day rather than five hours on the weekend and not practice during the week.
  • Aim for at least half an hour to an hour of practice each day. Longer is definitely great, but any less and you won't see the results you want. Remember, you get what you put into the instrument.
  • Divide your practice day into studying different subjects. Try to focus on all aspects of your playing (chords, scales, technique, songs, etc.), not just one area.
  • Expand your musical horizons. Don't get locked into learning only one style of music.
  • Tune your guitar and warmup before you practice.
  • Learn and expand outside of your lesson material. Use books, videos, and supplemental lessons to expand your musical learning beyond just what you do during the lesson.
  • Whenever you play, whether it's practice, performance, or the lesson, the two most important things to remember: stay relaxed and comfortable.


Here is a list of websites I recommend for your musical needs:

One of most complete guitar websites available. Here you will find thousands of tabs, lessons, interviews, music news, user forums, and more

My favorite site for finding biographies, discographies, and other information on bands and artists

Great place to shop for guitar and music gear

Another great online music store with a great emphasis on recording and live sound equipment

Sell your recorded music to your fans worldwide. Either singles or complete albums, downloads and CDs. Also get your music on iTunes, Amazon, and more

CD publishing company. Get your CD pressed and ready to sell to your fans. Great to use alongside CD Baby

Find the lyrics to your favorite songs and artists, and discuss the messages in the songs

Of course a great place to find lessons and songs. Try to be aware of what you are watching though, some users might be showing you incorrect technique!

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